Package com.kenmccrary.jtella

Interface Summary
DownloadConstants Download speed constants
MessageReceiver A class implementing MessageReceiver is capable of receiving GNUTella network messages

Class Summary
Connection Represents a connection to an application communicating with the GNUTella protocol
ConnectionData Provides a linkage between the Servant and JTella.
ConnectionList Contains the set of current connections, the node connections can be in different states, not all may be active
FileServerSession Session that can be used to respond to Query messages and receive Push messages
GNUTellaConnection The GNUTellaConnection represents a connection to the GNUTella network.
GUID Represents a unique ID
Host Contains the location of a host on the network
HostCache A cache of the known hosts on the network
HostCacheConnection Connection to a host cache, a servant primarily intended to provide the locations of active servants on the network.
MessageReceiverAdapter An adapter for the MessageReceiver, provides empty implementations of message receive methods
NodeConnection Connection to a servant on the network
PingMessage GNUTella Ping message
PongMessage A Pong message is sent in reply to a Ping and provides host information
PushMessage Push message, represents a request to push a file to a receiving node
SearchMessage SearchMessage, the message for queries
SearchMonitorSession A session for monitoring query trafic
SearchReplyMessage Search Reply message(QUERY HIT), response to a search request
SearchReplyMessage.FileRecord Represents information about a single file served
SearchSession A session for initiating seraches on the network
Utilities General purpose utilities